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Goldstone Immigration Consultants (GIC)

Goldstone Immigration Consultants (GIC) is providing quality services to the student community since 2007. We provide reliable guidance to students and professionals who wish to pursue their education and training at universities and colleges abroad. We provide a one-stop-service and solution to all queries concerning study abroad options. Our aim is to provide professional counseling to anyone who intend to apply for New Zealand, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Singapore or any other country for studying in universities/colleges. We provide guidance all the way from your studying abroad decision up to your arriving at university/college and along with that we will take care of all the necessary steps to make you process simple.

Why Goldstone Immigration Consultants (GIC)

  • We are expert in our field
  • We provide reliable and friendly service to each client
  • Very quick assessment and on the spot result
  • Fully aware, expert and qualified working staff

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